Multiple Large 5 Axis

Industry-leading 5-axis machining facilities are utilised by our CNC machining and CAD/CAM specialists whose activities comprise the machining of mould tooling, jigs, fixtures and bespoke models and prototypes.

Our 5 axis facilities enable us to machine aluminium, cast iron, steel and resin tooling boards and so much more. With a working area of 3800 x 2200 x 1350 our clients can benefit from full flow axis CNC machining amenities which facilitate complex undercuts and compound holes.

A P Patterns Ltd utilise 5-axis CNC machining equipment in order to accurately and efficiently produce compound holes. The capacity of the system forgoes the necessity to acquire and operate multiple machines or employ hand finishing techniques which are intended to eliminate the excess material discarded by alternative cutters. The enhanced surface finish achieved diminishes the need to hand finish a product.

If you require the services of knowledgeable, experienced and accomplished CNC operators who have spent many years in the industry, speak to the team at A P Patterns Ltd today.

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