Composite Vacuum Rout Fixtures
At the point when a part has been made, whether metallic or composite, the newly formed part needs to be meticulously trimmed to shape. We use either our hand-held routers or our 3 and 5 axis CNC machine routers in order to ensure precision and a perfect finish.

Inspection Fixtures
In order to certify that the newly produced tool meets quality assurance requirements and is acceptable for use in the intended environment, a checking fixture is used which can be made using a variety of materials. The fixture itself can be configured to suit precise or more generalised control and used to check anything from the profile and form to the radius of a hole.

Water Jets
For the automotive and plastics industries, we manufacture (for on-line or off-line programming) fibreglass laminated fixtures supported by stainless steel fabrications which can be either clad or non- clad dependent on the use of vacuum. Both variants can be supplied with hold down top plates.

The laminated shells are marked with cutting profiles and referenced by a series of stainless steel location cones.

Fixtures are secured to various manufacturers’ location plates.