CAD Design

A.P Patterns collaborates with a varied range of market sectors in order to provide patterns, mould tooling and CNC machining services of the very highest quality. Our 5-axis machines give us the ability to machine a range of materials, such as steel, aluminium and resin tooling board, with unparalleled accuracy. We can produce 3D shapes in soft and hard materials.

Our in-house integrated CAD/CAM and inspection facilities comprise the latest equipment and software which can be operated on or off site by our highly trained team. We are able to undertake all aspects of digital 3D modelling and CadCam machining in line with the client’s requirements.

We create programmes in house which utilise our CAD/CAM software which accepts any data format for your convenience. Your ideas become working models under the watchful eyes of our design team, whose shared aim is to ensure that we employ the latest technology in order to produce a perfectly formed end product using our own bespoke tools. All finished products are subject to a stringent quality control process.

Our equipment list includes, 3 off, 5 axis CNC machines a Rye 4 axis CNC milling machine, and a 3 axis Wadkin heavy-duty CNC milling machine. The combination of our technical expertise and powerful machining equipment enables us to overcome even the most complicated tasks in CNC machining.

If you have a project in mind which requires the technology and skills possessed by A P Patterns Ltd, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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