Laser Faro Arm System

We have an on/off site facility which employs the Laser Faro Arm system to carry out inspections. The perfect measurement system, the Faro Arm system (which includes a laser facility) can digitise effortlessly. Features of a component can be accurately measured using the hand probe before laser scanning parts which contain larger volumes of data.

The handheld Faro Arm offers an efficient and effective method of inspecting and reverse engineering complicated tooling and surfaces. All manner of shapes can become digitised computer models which can be manipulated without ever coming into contact with the item itself.

The ability to inspect, digitise, prototype, reverse engineer and create a 3D model is possible using the Faro Arm – a complete package which facilitates the measurement of items both with and without contact.

If you would like to discover more about the possibilities opened up by the Faro Arm technology we have here at A P Patterns Ltd, why not get in touch today to discuss your individual requirements.